Unveil the peace within your senses and rejuvenate the essence of your soul

The hustle to find a break from your hectic life can be a never ending. To make this easier for you, Arts of India has curated holistic wellness and spiritual tours. Each experience comes with its own uniqueness which you can cherish throughout your entire vacation.

The land of Ayurveda

India welcomes you with its choicest ways of calming your eternal mind. It embraces spirituality in its culture. Its holiness can be seen from the water of Ganges to the leaves of Tulsi. Ayurveda adds to its piousness. If you travel from North to East or South, you’ll experience a plethora of spirituality, cultures and religion.

Experience Physical and Mental Well-Being

All our products are handmade by the best artisans

Our spiritual and wellness tours are hosted to provide you with remarkable experience of both physical and mental well-being. You are welcomed with a cascade of services and activities for your entire journey with us.

How does our tours help your well-being?

  • Wellness comes with Ayurveda therapy, deep tissues massages and herbal oil massages that relax your body to the core.
  • We help you unwind and rejuvenate through our meditative activities. When you set on your spiritual journey, we connect you with various meditation centres which allow you to clear your headspace.
  • Tours of temples, shrines, gurudwaras, churches; connecting with religious saints, monks and priests and reliving the Indian culture, allows you to find your inner peace.
  • These wellness and spiritual tours are aimed at providing you a calming and soothing experience throughout your journey. Our tours include staying in a humble dwelling away from the clamour of the city, wellness therapies, aroma oil therapies, deep meditations, chanting of religious hymns.
  • We also organise visits to places of religious importance like the Somnath, The Golden Temple, Bodh Gaya, Parasnath Hills to name a few. We ensure that you personally connect and live with spiritual communities to allow you to experience Indian culture in its purest form. The tours aim towards boosting your physical health.
  • This is done by means of various activities such as acupressure, cupping therapy, yoga and strengthening exercises. Your mental health is also elevated through spiritual and religious experiences.

Reclaim your inner peace through our tours

Meet the artist behind the most unique products

By being a part of our tours, you can celebrate many benefits. ARTSofINDIA is solely dedicated towards reviving Indian arts, crafts, culture and spirituality. We understand your needs and match it with the details of our culture. We execute deep research and provide a package that best suits your comfort and needs.

Since we’re a platform that is well connected to the rural, spiritual and artisans community, our spiritual and wellness tours provide a much more immersive and refreshing experience. All your needs are taken care of by us, so that you can peacefully unlock your senses. Offering your regional and truly organic food makes the journey much more realistic and reviving.

Why should you choose a spiritual and wellness tour?

    Spiritual and wellness tours are not like ordinary journeys and do not simply involve visiting monuments and historical places. It is a much more elaborate experience rather than a simple vacation. Your mind, physical body and thoughtfulness is healed during these tours.

    Instead of taking you to monuments, you’re connected with regional people and communities to experience the cultural diversity. Your stay allows you to look at India from a different perspective. The wellness therapies add to your relaxation. It is a journey to find inner peace, mental calmness and physical well-being by simultaneously being a part of Indian culture.

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