Lets change the lives of rural India with free skill workshop program

Providing free skill workshops in rural India is a great way to help improve the lives of people living in these areas.

With the help of various volunteers across the country, ARTSofINDIA.in is achieving this in the folowing manner:

1. Identifying the needs of specific skills that are in demand in the rural areas.

2. Collaborating with local NGOs in identifying the needs of the community, finding suitable venues for the workshops, and enlisting the help of local volunteers.

3. Customizing the workshop content to suit the needs of the community.

4. Providing necessary infrastructure such as workshop space, materials, and equipment for the program. If needed, funds are being raised through donations or crowdfunding campaigns.

5. Skilled trainers open to volunteer for the workshops are either in the same region or available for online sessions.

6. Teaching entrepreneurship skills to help the participants start their own small businesses. This leads to economic growth in the community and improves the standard of living.

7. Providing follow-up support after the workshops. This include mentoring, business development assistance, or further training.

Are you interested in providing free training to the rural people?

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