Our effort to provide sustainable livelihood to economically backward women is changing the face of rural India slowly, one at a time. It is now, their time to be independent and start flying.

We create awareness among the rural women and make them understand that they have the capability to rise up by learning new skills.

We find a local artisan who can train these women in their local crafts, and we fund the complete fee.

After that we plan for the free workshops for the interested group of women. and arrange the place, raw materials & other logistics in order to execute the program.

During the training program, we also arrange snacks & stipend to the trainees.

Upon completion of the workshop, we handover the training certificates to the participants.

After the workshop, we don’t leave these trained women behind. We arrange continuous work for them, so that, they can become financially self-dependent.

Their journey with us continues, and we move to a new location to pick and train another group of women!