Unearth yourself by experiencing the prosperity of rustic Indian arts and its culture


Diversity in its root

In a stretch of just 100km the language, culture, religion, food, arts and the way of living changes. Exploring such a diversity could be a lifetime experience. What can be better than learning one such art or craft for yourself? As you head on a journey to unveil the magic of Indian culture, you’ll find yourself confused and lost as how can you experience such a diverse culture? Every part, every region and community welcomes you with its own unique customs, traditions and heritage. To set you on the best journey of exploring rural India, Art of India brings to you its bespoke Arts and Cultural Tours.

What are Art and Culture Tours?

All our products are handmade by the best artisans

Dedicated towards spreading the multifariousness of Indian culture, arts and crafts, these tours provide a first-hand experience of its richness. The tours are organised for those people who want to explore Indian it’s raw, unadulterated form by being a part of its undying culture. You not only get a chance to learn them but also live and explore the various intricacies of Indian culture.

What makes our tours different from others?

When you choose to experience the Indian heritage through one of our packages, you choose to live the culture rather than just experiencing it. Arts of India takes you to the untouched villages and allows you to spend your entire time with the artisans. Rather than living in a posh hotel, we organise your stay in the hearts of rural India which allows you to explore the most organic Indian culture. You get to eat the food our artisans cook, talk to them personally, know about their skills, learn about their experiences and challenges. Arts of India is India’s 1st platform solely dedicated to teach, learn Indian arts, crafts and revive the forgotten cultures.

Exploring the real, rural India in the most organic way

Meet the artist behind the most unique products

The art and culture tours offer a variety of experiences. When you choose one of our packages, we ensure and guarantee you with an experience that douses your heart with the vividness of Indian arts, crafts and culture. You can choose to learn an art or craft of your choice. Arts Of India then takes care of all your needs for a rejuvenating experience. We personally connect you with an artisan or a group. To take you to the Indian roots, we manage you stay with the artisans’ community so that you learn their way of living, their thoughtfulness and connect with them in a much more holistic way. Your bread and breakfast are taken care of within the package, ensuring your utmost comfort at all times.

Benefits of being a part of Art and Culture Tours

By choosing to be a part of our Arts and Culture Tours, you gain more than just experience of the rich Indian culture. You take away a piece of its heritage in your heart and make such memories with our artisans that you can preserve throughout your life. It becomes a lifetime experience of your core memory. The benefits are much smaller than the entire journey of exploring Indian culture.

However, to name a few-

  • Learn and live the Indian culture
  • Live with the artisans
  • Learn regional arts, crafts and explore the rural India
  • Raw, rustic and unmatched experience.
  • Connecting and revisiting rural India.

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